[Sunwah GYLN DMU] Sunwah Global Young Leaders Network in A Diversified British University

—— De Montfort University Sunwah GYLN Recruitment Process

Various Student Societies
DSU (known as De Montfort University Student Union) has nearly 100 societies and you can join as many of these as you want. Those societies range from Academic study (law society, science society for example) to variously weird ones such as Harry Potter and Quidditch society.

This year, a new society member named Sunwah Foundation Global Young Leaders Network, DMU Chapter has joined the society list, aims at connecting world-wide young leaders to a mutual commitment in serving our communities and developing leadership skills through various social…

[Sunwah GYLN DMU] Beijing Experience

— Keira Rounsley, DMU Chapter (UK)
This was the first time I had visited China and it’s fair to say it was a life changing cultural experience that has broadened my perspective. It was a great opportunity that I was blessed with. Meeting the other students was really fun, we had a lot to talk about including how different our cultures were and what we did for fun.

On our first day we attended the ceremony of the signing of the Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centre and Business School at De Montfort University (DMU) between Sunwah and DMU at The 3eInternational School founded by Sunwah Foundation in Beijing. The 3e School also celeb…

[Sunwah GYLN China] Participating in “Sunwah and Friends Social Services and Creativity Day 2015” — A wonderful Experience

–Guo Chuning, China Chapter
It was a great honor to participate in “Sunwah and Friends Social Services and Creativity Day 2015” and visited Sunwah’s coffee factory in Vietnam, which was a new experience for me.

“Social Services and Creativity Day” had several activities, and our team mainly took part in “Creativity Marketing Competition for Promoting Sunwah Coffee”.The whole activity was fantastic, I couldn’t imagine that I had team mates from Hong Kong, Macao and Japan. We worked together to design our marketing strategies, coffee cups and a booth even before going to Vietnam. It was a little difficult for us to …

[Sunwah GYLN Hanoi] Give a gift


Life continues in every corner. We have to keep going for a better life. The road ahead of Sunwah GYLN and little students would be bright, though it would be somewhat far with a lot of hardships BUT I firmly believe that all of us will go through it surely!

It’s hard to depict the feelings from the day I started to write the proposal till the day I got the approval of Ms. Betty for the plan. It isn’t easy at all actually. With a record number of meetings, considerations about the time, the schedule, excluding the less realistic proposals, we finally heard from my leader sister that after half a day of submitting, we official…

[Sunwah GYLN Hanoi] Mid-Autumn Festival activity

On the occasion of Mid- Atumn Festival, the members of Sunwah GYLN Hanoi organized a charitable activity with the main objective was to visit the poor manual workers and the people who are living in difficult life condition around Hanoi City.
“Look around”
Sometimes we go so far to find people who are in need of help but forget the ones who really need sharing around us. Originating from this idea, a “look around” campaign within the GYLNers had started and come up with many good results.
The meaningful trips
In Vietnam, full-moon festival is the day when family members get together, enjoy moon cakes and wait for the moon …