[Sunwah GYLN PLLC Canada] Following in the Footsteps of Nonprofit Community Leaders

In 2020, Sunwah GYLN PLLC Chapter has launched the “Turning the Spotlight to Local Businesses and Non-Profits” Project in Edmonton to promote local businesses and feature non-profits who are struggling during these unprecedented times, in accordance with the City of Edmonton’s recommendations on supporting the community during COVID-19. Their goal is to raise awareness on the importance of shopping local at this time to help small businesses cope through this hardship and to recognize the tireless efforts of unsung heroes in non-profits who are working especially hard to support vulnerable populations.

At a time of great crisis in t…

Activities of the Sunwah GYLN Ho Chi Minh City Chapter in 2020

1. 2020 New batch recruitment (Ho Chi Minh City, 05 Sep – 13 Oct 2020)

In early September 2020, in order to celebrate Sunwah Group’s 50th Anniversary in Vietnam and to recruit a

new generation of the network, Sunwah Global Young Leaders Network Ho Chi Minh City (GYLN HCMC) Chapter has started the recruitment campaign which eventually attracted 85 applications of students from various universities in Ho Chi Minh City. After two rounds of selection including Online Application, Interview, and Teamwork, 23 active and enthusiastic members were selected to join the network.

2. The first briefing meeting for new members (Ho Chi Minh …

[Sunwah GYLN Vietnam] 50 Student Environmental Ambassadors in Vietnam 2020

November 6th-10th 2020 were memorable days for Sunwah GYLN members in Vietnam as we were selected to join the “50 Student Environmental Ambassadors in Vietnam 2020” program – organized by Sunwah Foundation and co-organized by Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The program broadened our worldview about environmental issues, supported us in building meaningful projects, and last but not least gave us a chance to befriend talented young students across Vietnam.

The opening ceremony was held on November 6th with the attendance of Mr. Jesse Choi, Director of Sunwah Vietnam, Mr Dang Minh Khoi, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, and represe…

The establishment of Sunwah GYLN – Michigan State University Chapter

Since the launching of Sunwah Foundation’s Global Young Leaders Network (GYLN) in 2014, the platform has been constantly expanding and engaging more and more talented young people from around the world. Among chapters from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Canada, Japan, UK, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sunwah Foundation has signed an MoU with Michigan State University (MSU), USA on the establishment of the MSU USA Chapter this year.

This chapter’s establishment is a partnership between Sunwah Foundation and the MSU’s Global Youth Advancement Network (GYAN) – a unit in the Office of International Studies and Programs. It serves as a coordinat…

[Sunwah GYLN Hanoi] “Sunwah in my heart’’ Internal Training and Contest to celebrate the 5th Anniversary

In the first month of 2020, all the members of Sunwah GYLN, Hanoi Chapter had such a great opportunity to celebrate our 5th year anniversary combined with Internal Communication Training and Contest. Founded in 2014, Sunwah – GYLN Hanoi Chapter has successfully operated for 5 years with numerous outstanding and meaningful projects. Five years is not a long period of time, but thanks to the last 5 years, what we gained is not only precious experience but also good friends and unforgettable life lessons.

We would like to pay sincere tribute to Sunwah at large and the alumni who had laid the foundation of our network and have been very sup…