Sunwah Foundation

Sunwah Foundation

Sunwah Group, an international conglomerate based in Hong Kong, is committed to returning some of the rewards of its own success to the communities it serves. Since the 1970s, the Choi family has started to provide financial support for the establishment of kindergartens, primary schools and colleges in Zhongshan, the family’s hometown, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Sunwah Foundation was soon set up and its scope of services has been extended from education to science and technology and in recent years to arts and culture as well. Projects under the Sunwah Foundation now cover many cities in Mainland China and other countries.

The latest international project of the Foundation is to start building and developing Jonathan KS Choi cultural centres in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Japan initially and will be extended to other countries. These cultural centres will be linked to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for the unique culture of each country to generate goodwill, paving the way to a more harmonious world. A Sunwah Foundation Global Young Leaders Network has been launched to provide a ready international platform for young leaders from various countries to grow and develop their international outlook, leadership skills and commitment to public and social services. The Network has its headquarters in Hong Kong with China, United Kingdom, Vietnam-Hanoi, Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh City, Japan, Macau, Cambodia, Canada and Peter Lougheed Leadership College Chapters for a start and will be expanded to other cities and countries.

Some major projects with partners

  • De Montfort University (DMU)
  • Sunwah Foundation’s collaboration with DMU started with the Sun Wah International Business School at Liaoning University nine years ago with joint degree programmes in China and the United Kingdom
  • Signed MOU with DMU in Tokyo, Japan in 2012 to develop new initiatives in Asia
  • A three-storey Jonathan KS Choi Creative and Cultural Centre will be built at the campus of DMU
  • A Sunwah Foundation Young Leaders Network (UK Chapter) will be set up at DMU. Glamorgan University (now the University of South Wales)
  • Collaboration between the University of Glamorgan and Sun Wah-PearL Linux started in 2007 to offer Master degree programme in Computer Forensics and Security, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The first batch of Master degree students graduated in 2009
  • A Sunwah Chinese Teaching and Research Centre has been established in the Vietnam National University – ULIS in Hanoi in 2011
  • A three-storey Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centre in Vietnam National University in Hanoi has been come into operation in early 2015.
  • West Point Grey Academy, Vancouver
  • The Peter Lougheed Leadership College of the University
    of Alberta is the Consultant Partner of Sunwah GYLN
  • The US-China Center for Research on Educational Excellence in Michigan State University collaborates with the China-US Center for Advanced Educational Research in Beijing Normal University on the “Sun Wah Education Model” for basic education. The 3e International School was established in 2004 in Beijing to implement the Model. 3e is regarded as one of the best international schools in Beijing
  • In October 2013, Sunwah Foundation has signed an MOU with The International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development in Kitakyushu of Japan on joint research. Education institutions in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau
Mainland China
  • Liaoning University Sun Wah International Business School
  • Guangdong Sun Wah Education Institute
  • Zhongshan Sun Wah Institute of Technology
  • Guangdong Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Middle School
  • Zhongshan Zhangxi Chenger Primary School
  • Zhongshan Zhangxi Choi Kai Yau Kindergarten
  • Zhongshan Science and Technology Centre – Choi Kai Yau Technology Centre
  • The Nanjing University Choi Koon Shum Software R & D Centre
Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Choi Kai Yau Building
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong Choi Koon Shum General Education Resource Centre
  • Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
  • Po Leung Kuk Choi Koon Shum Kindergarten
  • Choi Kai Yau College, University of Macau
  • University of Macau Choi Kai Yau Building
  • Xin Hua Secondary School
  • Xin Hua Evening College
  • Xin Hua School

Education, Culture and Technology Foundations

Mainland China
  • The Choi Koon Shum Chinese Academy of Sciences Honorary Academician Foundation
  • The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) Sun Wah Young Scientists Foundation
  • The Chinese Studies Foundation Limited
  • China Uyghur Nationality Historic and Cultural Foundation
  • The Tsinghua University Centre for Advanced Research Foundation
  • The Fudan University Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • The Shanghai University Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • The NorthEastern University Choi Koon Shum Doctorate Education Foundation
  • The NorthEastern University Education and Development Foundation
  • The Central University for Nationalities Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • The Nanjiang Zijinshan Royal Observatory Choi Koon Shum Planetary Science Foundation
  • The Zhongshan University Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • The Beijing School of Electronic and Technology Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • The Wu Ling University Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • The Choi Koon Shum College of Finance Education Foundation
  • The Jinggangshan College Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • Nanchang The Three Rivers Primary School Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation
  • The Fengnan Diyi Primary School Education Foundation
Hong Kong
  • The Sun Wah Hi-Tech Education Foundation
  • Macau Choi’s Educational and Cultural Foundation
  • Macau Choi Kai Yau Peking Qinghua University Education Foundation

Arts and Culture Projects in Mainland China and Hong Kong

Mainland China
  • Jinan University Choi Koon Shum Museum
  • Nanjing University Choi Koon Shum Art Gallery
  • Shanghai University Choi Koon Shum Centre for International Art Distance Exchange
  • Choi Koon Shum Museum of Humanities in Fudan University
  • Northeastern University Choi Koon Shum Hall
Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre

GYLN Chapters Connection

So far, GYLN has had 11 GYLN Chapters in many cities and countries in the world. Each Chapter creates and organizes its projects and events which are supported by Sunwah Foundation coordinators. Currently, local chapters based in: