[Sunwah GYLN Hanoi] Give a gift


Life continues in every corner. We have to keep going for a better life. The road ahead of Sunwah GYLN and little students would be bright, though it would be somewhat far with a lot of hardships BUT I firmly believe that all of us will go through it surely!

It’s hard to depict the feelings from the day I started to write the proposal till the day I got the approval of Ms. Betty for the plan. It isn’t easy at all actually. With a record number of meetings, considerations about the time, the schedule, excluding the less realistic proposals, we finally heard from my leader sister that after half a day of submitting, we official…

[Sunwah GYLN Hanoi] Mid-Autumn Festival activity

On the occasion of Mid- Atumn Festival, the members of Sunwah GYLN Hanoi organized a charitable activity with the main objective was to visit the poor manual workers and the people who are living in difficult life condition around Hanoi City.
“Look around”
Sometimes we go so far to find people who are in need of help but forget the ones who really need sharing around us. Originating from this idea, a “look around” campaign within the GYLNers had started and come up with many good results.
The meaningful trips
In Vietnam, full-moon festival is the day when family members get together, enjoy moon cakes and wait for the moon …

[Sunwah GYLN Hanoi] Loving Meals in University Entrance Exams


It was a scorching hot day in the middle of June. The sun shined extremely intense without any sign of stopping. At this time, Vietnamese high school students have just finished their extremely important exam- Graduation Examination. But shortly afterwards, they immediately had to take a much more important exam- National University Entrance Exam.  Everyone, not only the student but also their parents seem to be burned in an intensely hot and extremely huge pressure. In the childish mind of both city and rural high school students in Vietnam, university is the only way to lead them to success. We deeply understand the value of thes…

[Sunwah GYLN Hanoi] Teamwork and Leadership Camp 2014: Unforgettable lessons on how to connect and work smoothly with teammates


In June 2014, Sunwah Global Young Leaders Network Hanoi Chapter organized members to attend 2 days Summer Camp in Soc Son, Hanoi under the Theme: Teamwork and Leadership Training. The purpose of this Camp was to improve and train the teamwork and leadership skills for all the members of GYLN through various exercises which required them to fully focus to find the quickest resolutions to imitative US Navy challenges within limited time.

This Summer Camp was hosted by IOGT company which is one of the most leading educational company in Hanoi. They have more than 15 years of experiences in organizing plentiful different Camps which …