[Sunwah GYLN China] Participating in “Sunwah and Friends Social Services and Creativity Day 2015” — A wonderful Experience


–Guo Chuning, China Chapter

It was a great honor to participate in “Sunwah and Friends Social Services and Creativity Day 2015” and visited Sunwah’s coffee factory in Vietnam, which was a new experience for me.

Social Services and Creativity Day” had several activities, and our team mainly took part in “Creativity Marketing Competition for Promoting Sunwah Coffee”.The whole activity was fantastic, I couldn’t imagine that I had team mates from Hong Kong, Macao and Japan. We worked together to design our marketing strategies, coffee cups and a booth even before going to Vietnam. It was a little difficult for us to contact with each other in the beginning, but later we exchanged our ideas through WhatsApp and found it quite effective. After discussing for several days, we finally got the idea of serving different coffee for male and female coffee consumers, and we designed “coffee for him” and “coffee for her”, which was the key concept of our team.

HCMC university students’ top five marketing plans and booths were presented at the main event on that day. They were very good and competitive, the most interesting and creative thing happened to us just on the eve of the “Social Service and Creativity Day”. We came up with the idea of putting on a play in our presentation, which was really imaginative. I also acted in the play and I was happy to see our presentation and play go on well, and the people there liked it. It was a great success for us. We all understand that creating a unique and memorable experience for our customers is so important.

As to the coffee factory, I was really amazed that there were only 30 workers in that big factory, and every process had a specific machine, which made the factory become the most advanced in Vietnam. I also saw Robusta coffee beans, and learnt how to distinguish the good beans from the bad ones. That really helped me know the coffee industry better and motivate me to learn more about the coffee culture.

This trip is quite memorable and gave me memories. I met many friends from different parts of the world, learnt how to work well in a team and got an opportunity to develop our creativity and innovation. I am so grateful to take part in this activity, and I do want to say thanks to all people I met in HCMC.