[Sunwah GYLN HCMC] Sunwah GYLN Summit 2015 in Hanoi


From 19th to 22nd December, we received the credibility to take part in a global summit for Sunwah GYLN’s members from 8 chapters: China, Canada, UK, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. This was a precious opportunity for young future leaders to assemble and discuss the development of the Network.

In the trip, we gained a lot of practical experience that we would like to share for all of you.

Through our 4 full-day trip, we all felt really excited. In the opening ceremony of the Celebration of Sunwah Group’s 45th Anniversary in Viet Nam and Award Presentation to winners of the Photo Contest “Sunwah Project 45 – The Hidden Beauty of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City”, we got deeper information about Sunwah Group, Sunwah Foundation and its development throughout 45 years in Vietnam and the practical, precious values that Sunwah brought about to the community.

We were involved in the Sunwah – VNU Social Services Day 2015 with many exciting activities. In the afternoon, we focused on the “Leadership skills” and listened to Dr. Jonathan Choi’s sharing remarks. He mentioned the importance of language in the integration process. In terms of leadership, he stressed on communication and motivation. According to him, a good leader should be very influential and visionary. And we ourselves can become leaders and planners in the future.

On the next day, we participated in a discussion for expanding the network as well as how to develop and implement projects in the country-based networks. At dinner, we were so lucky to meet and exchange information with Ms. Le Hoang Uyen Vy, Founders of (now is, one of the most successful women under 30 years old in Vietnam (by Forbes magazine).

According to Ms. Uyen Vy, the core value was not experience, but visionary and hard working. Her simple and practical message made all of us more motivated to dedicate.

Time flies away callously, while all the memories are still there. Besides the meetings, conferences and events, we also had time together for chatting, talking about the future, career and tasting delicious dishes. For those memories, we will keep them in our heart for a remarkable youth, a beautiful moment and part of our present.