GYLN Internal Bonding Event 2022

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In celebration of its 8th anniversary, Sunwah GYLN Hanoi Chapter held a bonding event in the evening of April 24 at the ULIS-Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Center with the presence of Ms. Janice Le – Representative of Sunwah Hanoi Office, Ms. Chi Dao – Partnership Executive of Sunwah Hanoi Office, and 20 members and alumni of the Chapter. The event, consisting of a meeting and a dinner with many activities, was an occasion for members to learn about each other and gain better understanding of the organization.

To begin the meeting, Ms. Janice Le, who has guided the Chapter for the past eight years, delivered an encouraging opening address, noting that Hanoi’s chapter is a vibrant branch. In the words of Ms. Le, the significant age gap as well as diverse backgrounds of the members has become the unique characteristics of Sunwah GYLN, allowing members to complement one another and grow in a variety of ways. The case of Ms. To Nhu, who is currently in charge of the HR and Communication Teams, is a significant example of Ms. Le’s sharing. Ms. To Nhu revealed that two years ago, when she lacked experience and didn’t know how to express herself in the application form, she was disqualified in the CV screening round. Unprecedentedly, her dedication in the thank-you email has opened the door for her to become a mentee of the Hanoi Chapter and later an official member. The alumni’s recognition and nurturing of her talent over the last two years provided her with several opportunities to improve professionally and inspired her to remain a member of the Hanoi Chapter. 

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Ms. Janice Le delivering a speech on behalf of Sunwah Foundation

The meeting continued with an inspiring sharing session during which Ms. Tam Dong, the Chairwoman of the Hanoi Chapter, and alumni as well as other outstanding members gave their remarks. Every single one of them reflected on their time at Sunwah GYLN as an excellent platform for helping each individual improve while also giving back to the community.  In addition, Sunwah GYLN has provided them with genuine friendships that have lasted well beyond their time with the organization. These bonds has bound many GYLN alumni together and many will always consider GYLN part of their youth.

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Ms. Anh Truc sharing her own experience at Sunwah GYLN

Afterward, all members and alumni participated in a quiz game with 20 questions about Sunwah Group, Sunwah Foundation, Sunwah GYLN in general, and Hanoi Chapter in particular, followed by a brief presentation and a fruitful discussion led by Ms. Ngoc Quynh – Vice-Chairwoman of Hanoi Chapter about strategic orientation and future projects of the Chapter. 

On this occasion, on behalf of Sunwah Foundation, Ms. Janice Le awarded honorable titles and certificates of recognition to alumni and members with remarkable contributions.

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Ms. Janice Le awarding honorable titles to outstanding members and alumni
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Ms. Janice Le awarding certificates of recognition to alumni

At the end of the meeting, new members were invited to introduce themselves and share the reasons why they joined the Hanoi Chapter. It turned out that they all had known Sunwah GYLN from previous activities and were really interested in participating in such projects, and seeking more international experiences. They also expressed confidence in this global platform and eagerness for new experiences with the organization.

During dinner, members had the opportunity to get to know and understand more about each other and about Sunwah GYLN. Members and alumni all appreciated the gathering and felt proud of being part of this organization.

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Birthday dinner with barbecue buffet

Reported by Hanoi Chapter, May 6, 2022